The top four teams across qualifiers that miss out on the top four spots will also qualify, they are currently as follows:

Nottingham Society 9 points, +12

Strathclyde 9 points, +11.5

Warwick B 9 points, +11.5

Coventry A 9 points, +11

Wonderful Warwick Win

2016-17 2020 Chess Championships!


Warwick University lived up to their tag as one of the favourites to win all their games and thus seal victory in the UK wide 2020 Chess Championships. Having qualified in style they kept their form running into the finals despite some tough challenges and will be delighted to take home the 'Purling NUCC Trophy' with them after a long but enjoyable day for all!


There were a total of 16 teams competiting at the Grand Final having qualified from ahead of a whopping 58 sides, and the standard was incredibly high; Warwick's ECF grade average was well over 200 showing a considerable display of strength. These 16 teams were extremely dedicated to the cause as well, travelling massive distances from Scotland, Wales and London to the birthplace of the 2020 Chess concept at the University of York, and they were rewarded with a thoroughly entertaining tournament.


Each team was placed into two groups seeded by their performances in the qualifiers, but Sheffield B didn't get a copy of the script as they stunned Queen Mary's and 'Club R2D2'and they were subsequently rewarded with the 'Best B team' prize in the competition. Strathclyde also punched well above their weight, earning them the 'Best seeding performers' award which was thoroughly merited.


Meanwhile at the top end things went pretty much according to expectations, although Warwick had to put in a hell of a fight to narrowly prevail 2.5-1.5 against LSE in round three but eventually eased their way into the final having topped group one. In group two the hosts York dominated proceedings, but nearly fell to a shock defeat to Sheffield B but eventually came through 2.5-1.5, their 4-0 thumping the next round over Manchester was crucial as it won them the group ahead of their rivals earning them the right to face Warwick in the Grand Final.


It was a tough battle, all the games finished in the final five minutes with the Mayor of York looking on, but Warwick converted their chances after building on their earlier advantages to win 3.5-0.5 over York to deservedly claim the 2017 2020 Chess Title and take home the Prestigious Purling London Chess Board Trophy, until next year at least!


At the conclusion of the tournament we had the closing ceremony, with the Right Honourable Mayor of York Barbara Boyce very kindly attending in order to give out the prizes to the winners and commend all the competitors, sponsors and volunteers who all helped make this tournament such a success.


We look forward to the 2018 season!





Winners: Warwick

Runners-up: York

Third Place: LSE


Best performers relative to seedings: Strathclyde

Top club: York Vikings

Highest 'B' Team: Sheffield B

Best school: Ampleforth College A


Individual performances:


6/6 Gold:


Dimiter Daskalov Warwick Board One ECF 233


5.5/6 Silver:


Martin Brown York Board One ECF 223

Louise Head Warwick Board Four ECF 191

Kene Nwegbu Sheffield A Board Four

Gregor Anicic Manchester Board Four


5/6 Bronze:


Peter Batchelor Warwick Board Two ECF 224

Tommaso Penna LSE Board Three ECF 176

Paulina Orejuela Manchester Board One



Round One:


Group A


Sheffield A 2-2 Durham Alumni

LSE 4-0 York Vikings

Reading 3-1 Ampleforth A

Warwick 3.5-0.5 Leeds



Group B


R2D2 2-2 Strathclyde

Queen Mary's 1-3 Manchester

Aberystwyth 2-2 Sheffield B

Ampleforth B 0-4 York


Round Two:


Group A


Ampleforth A 0-4 Durham Alumni

Reading 0-4 LSE

Leeds A 2.5-1.5 York Vikings

Sheffield A 0.5-3.5 Warwick


Group B


Strathclyde 1-3 Aberystwyth

R2D2 1-3 Sheffield B

Ampleforth B 0-4 Queen Mary's

Manchester 0-4 York



Round Three:


Group A


LSE 1.5-2.5 Warwick

Durham Alumni 4-0 Leeds

York Vikings 3-1 Ampleforth A

Sheffield A 4-0 Reading


Group B


Aberystwyth 2-2 Manchester

Queen Mary's 1-3 Strathclyde

York 2.5-1.5 Sheffield B

R2D2 4-0 Ampleforth B


Round Four:


Group A


Warwick 4-0 Durham Alumni

Leeds 3-1 Ampleforth A

York Vikings 4-0 Reading

LSE 1-3 Sheffield A


Group B


Manchester 3.5-0.5 R2D2

York 4-0 Aberystwyth

Queen Mary's 0-4 Sheffield B

Strathclyde 4-0 Ampleforth B


Round Five


Group A


York Vikings 1-3 Sheffield A

Durham Alumni 1.5-2.5 LSE

Ampleforth A 0-4 Warwick

Reading 0-4 Leeds


Group B


Strathclyde 1-3 York

Sheffield B 1-3 Manchester

R2D2 2-2 Queen Mary's

Ampleforth B 0-4 Aberystwyth


Group A Standings


Team Wins Draws Defeats Score

Warwick 5 0 0 15

LSE 3 1 1 10

Leeds 3 0 2 9

Sheffield A 2 2 1 8

Durham Alumni 2 1 2 7

York Vikings 2 0 3 6

Reading 1 0 4 3

Ampleforth A 0 0 0 0


Group B Standings


Team Wins Draws Defeats Score

York 5 0 0 15

Manchester 3 1 1 10

Aberystwyth 3 0 2 8

Sheffield B 2 1 2 7

Strathclyde 2 1 2 7

R2D2 1 2 0 5

Queen Mary's 1 1 4 3

Ampleforth A 0 0 0 0



Final and the Play-offs




York 0.5-3.5 Warwick




LSE 2*-2 Manchester (LSE win on higher boards)




Leeds 3-1 Aberystwyth




Sheffield A 2-2* Strathclyde (Strathclyde win on higher boards)




Sheffield B 0-4 Durham Alumni




York Vikings 2*-2 R2D2 (*York Vikings win on higher boards)




Queen Mary's 2.5-1.5 Reading




Ampleforth A 3.5-0.5 Ampleforth B




1st: Warwick

2nd: York

3rd: LSE

4th: Manchester

5th: Leeds

6th: Aberystwyth

7th: Strathclyde

8th: Sheffield A

9th: Durham A

10th: Sheffield B

11th: York Vikings

12th: Team R2D2

13th: Queen Mary's

14th: Reading

15th: Ampleforth A

16th: Ampleforth B


Individual Results:







2020 Chess Individual Championships



For the first time ever on Saturday 10th June at York University 2020 Chess ran an individual tournament.


There were suitably 20 players who took part, and first place was shared by Sam Walker, Dan Waller and Alex Freeland who all scored an impressive 4/5.


They are shown here with the Right Honourable Mayor of York Barbara Boyce who very kindly awarded them the prestigious NUCC Trophy!