Tournament Feedback

Lord Lyndon Harrison

'On February 6th 2016, I attended the... competition held at the College of Law, Barbican, London. I gave the prizes to the winners. It was a very happy occasion for the young men and women, British and Overseas, who competed in the day tournament.

It was notably very efficently and effectively organised by [the volunteers]. [They clearly] have a flar for organising events, and every confidence can be placed in [2020 Chess]'

Sean Ralph, South Birmingham and Warwickshire Chess Club

'I participated in the Birmingham 20/20. The event was well organised and the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed

Furthermore, it can be stated that the format and concept are a refreshing change to those who feel Rapid is too long (30 mins) and Blitz (5 min) should be left alone for the internet fraternity.

The use of University environments I feel is key to this. As parents feel this type of environment is safe, secure and provides encouragement to learning.

May I wish you all the best in your endeavours and once again congratulate you on an excellent tournament.'

Marek Soszynski, Sutton Coldfield Chess Club

'A friendly, well-run tourney. Highly recommended'

Ampleforth College (from website)

'[The York qualifier] was a fantastic experience and [there is] an even more exciting prospect for the finals.'

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Warwick University

'Great Tournament!'

Jonathan Livingston, Dunbar and Wandering Dragons Chess Club

'So it turned out to be a stronger than expected event. There were quite a lot of titled players on show.

This event definitely has legs and will improve further next time. The venue was very good. The organiser is keen to draw more clubs to it. Would be great if the bigger local clubs (and even those a bit further away) could field a team next time. It is worthy of supporting, is certainly plugging a gap as other than this we don't have a proper Allegro Team Event [in Scotland].'

Adam Raoof, Chess England

'Thanks for the prize and the tournament, and for your work on behalf of chess - it is much appreciated!'

The Mayor of York, Barbara Boyce

'I [was] delighted to award the prizes for the 2020 Chess Grand Final! I’m told that these tournaments which have run right across the UK started off [...] at the University of York on the initiative of a group of students who put considerable time effort and energy to establish this nationwide competition, so I would like to thank and congratulate them.

I would also like to thank the sponsors from Chess and Bridge who by providing the equipment and prizes have enabled this competition to grow and flourish, as well as the University of York for hosting this Grand Final event along with the Universities of Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and London College of Law where the qualifiers took place.

It is great to see so many students, from universities and schools as well as respected club players here, some of whom have travelled hundreds of miles [attending], well done!'